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Dale Chihuly
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A community for fans of american artist Dale Chihuly. Come here to discuss his life, his work, related artists and their work, share pictures of your favorite Chihuly pieces or installations, your own works inspired by Dale Chihuly's work, etc. This is also a great place for discussing: art in general, applied color theory, glass, sculpture, nature as inspiration and much more. Tell us about the first time you saw his work or feel free to share with us your opinion on any topic related to this great artist. Or join just for the eye candy, your choice.

You can discuss topics as abstract as you want, but please keep all discussions art related, civil and coherent. All pictures over 500 pixels must be put under an LJ cut. Also, any offensive posts or posts made to promote communities may be deleted.

Disclaimer: This community is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Dale Chihuly or www.dalechihuly.com.
It was made for fans, by a fan. All works posted here are by Dale Chihuly unless otherwise noted.

Turquoise Macchia pair with cobalt lip wraps, 1984
Dale Chihuly